Alberto Gómez

Alberto Gómez, Agile Coach / Scrum Master. Computer engineer passionate about Agile methodologies, Kaizen culture and with a Postgraduate in Agile Methodologies (PMA). His more than 18 years of professional career and his fifth presence as speaker at the Conference Agile Spain endorse experience within the sector. Throughout these years he has been able to help both small and large organizations to build their products in a more efficient and productive way. Alberto is a specialist in working with teams applying Lean / Agile techniques, and without losing sight of the human treatment and has helped to transform and evolve in the corporate culture of recognized companies within the sector.


Belén Moreno

Belén studied Computer Science Engineering in the University of Alicante, Spain. Back those years luckily discovered the project, which let her open her mind to intercultural exchanges, travel the majority of Europe attending and organizing events and find out what exactly meant being a member of a team, being part of a real Community. Since then, she joined several ones… Until she became part of the CAS2018 Organizers’ Team as a “newbie helper”. After quite some years of being a Backend or Frontend developer, Lead Frontend, Head of Department, she changed her mindset to a different approach, thanks to the education and practice of Agile Methodologies and Peopleware.


Federico Casabianca

Fede has graduated as a System Engineer, worked across different IT environments performing several roles like programmer, analyst, software designer and Project Manager.

He started tinkling with Agile Methodologies in 2011. First as a developer, later on as a Scrum Master, to eventually explore the Product Owner role. My journey continues as easing the introduction of agile methodologies and mind-set across different groups.

He got Masters Degree in Business Administration at EOI (Escuela Organizacion Industrial) focused on entrepreneurship.

What I’m doing today matches with the profile of an Agile Coach. Helping and accompanying teams getting better in adopting this new way of thinking with the ultimate goal of making an impact with their work.

He considers himself an serial experimenter, non-confirming person, and a change instigator who challenges the status-quo to keep improving.

I’m passionate about Agile, Entrepreneurship, Intrapreneurship, Lean Startup, Design Thinking, Leadership and every single approach that lets us to put the person at the center of the scene.


Jorge Muria

Computer engineer and passionate about agile methodologies since 2010. He works as Scrum Master and Agile Coach in GFT helping with the digital transformation of financial institutions.

Knowledgeable about the technological part of Agile, as well as XP, Devops or Clean Code, as well as the part of the management of work and the relationship within a team and the motivation of its members. Since 2011, he is making known not only Alicante as a province of tourism but as a possible technological center.


María Sierra Arce

María Sierra Arce is Agile Coach and Design Thinker. Computers Engineer, Master in Agile Methodologies at La Salle URL University and she studied Innovation at the European Institute of Design in Barcelona.

Maria helps his customers to solve organizational problems by agile coaching and she is passionate about generating co-creation spaces where the team’s talent is maximized. She has several coaching success cases in critical contexts with unfavorable situations.

María is teacher of Agile Methodologies in Postgraduate and Master at La Salle URL.


Pepe León

Pepe is a Civil Engineer, whose preference for Business Management made him start his professional career into the Consulting sector.

Due to this, he enjoyed the experience of being part of the Digital Strategy & IT area of a multinational company in the energy sector, allowing to have his first contact with Agile methodologies during 2017, promoting the adoption of them and becoming him in an Agile passionate.

Currently, he acts as Scrum Master in different digital cases, with the primary objective of accompanying and facilitating the Scrum teams to achieve their defined objectives.

This year has been part of the Organization of the CAS 2018 with a huge desire to continue learning through experience and to know, deeply, the Agile philosophy.


Rubén Antón

Rubén helps team to evolve technically, making possible an early and frequent delivery of value. He accompanies them in the implantation of eXtreme Programming, transmits its values and principles while adapting its practices to the context of the organization.

He fulfilled his dream of working in San Francisco where, in addition of developing, he helped the organization to increase their understanding of Agile so that the practice of SCRUM acquire a meaning, define the product in a way it was actually iterable and evolve their technical practices so that the development process did not become a nightmare.

After he became aware we are not as far as we believe, he has come back to Alicante with the intention of sharing everything he learned and reducing the gap.

He founded the local Software Craftsmanship community in Alicante where he continues sharing his knowledge.


Carolina Escobar

Co-founder and CEO of Somos Más Europe. Member of HUB Madrid, partner–investor and member of the Board of the Impact HUB Bogota. Founder of the group Espacio Abierto. Master Teacher at the Autonomous University of Madrid and trainer in business foundations.

Consultant, Coach and Agile Scrum Master. Expert in Knowledge Management and Networking. Interested in issues of social change, social entrepreneurship, knowledge management, social media, systematization of experiences, methods of agile management and coordination of networks of social initiatives. She has an extensive experience in technology projects in the third sector.

She is currently a licensee of TEDxTresCantos (



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