Florentino Romero Haro

Florentino is an Organizational Change Agent, and founder of Paradalia, where he is accompanying big organizations through change towards cultures of delivery and continuous adaptation.

He firmly believes that organizational change is a competitive advantage, when you tackling it using experiential learning and organizational modelling. He thinks the persons and interactions are above any process that can be established as de facto way of working like Scrum, Kanban, Design Thinking, Lean Startup, Customer Centricity, whatsoever.

He considers essential looking for things that works and it’s present in our reality rather than vacuum speeches and lip service.

Being different, not being indifferent.


Israel Alcázar

Israel works as a consultant in Thinking With You, helping companies and teams through the transformation towards approaches to propel autonomy, responsibility, and awareness of the persons that work together to add the maximum value to their customers.

With a background in Technology, Non-Violent Communication, NLP, Belvin Roles, and DISC he acts as a change agent where he is passionate for sharing knowledge and working with persons using the roles like facilitator, consultant, coach, and trainer for the creation of collaborative contexts that foster a culture of continuous improvement within teams and organizations where he is involved.


Diego Rojas

Focused in personal growth, team development, innovation and organizational change.

Formed in software engineering, executive coaching and NLP, has more than 10 year of experience in IT as a project manager and Business & Process consultant in the Energy, Finance, Media and E-Commerce industries for both startups and big corporations.

Specialized in Agile, Lean and systemic thinking, uses the roles of facilitator, coach, mentor, consultant and trainer for the creation of collaborative environments that foster a culture of continuous improvement within the teams and organizations in which take part.


Vanesa Tejada

“I support product and management roles to get organised and optimize the processes to build products effectively from discovery to delivery.

Agile Methodologies, Visual Management and Personal Productivity (GTD) allow me to create a common vision, ensure collaboration around the same objectives and maximize the value of the work done”.


Silvia Calvet

Silvia thinks companies can be profitable at the same time they have happy customers and employees, regardless of whether it’s a product or service, online or offline. It’s about to understand the problem we are trying to solve to your customer, and orchestrates the teams and company to solve it while keeping a constant conversation.

She graduates as Librarianship and Documentation from Barcelona University and she holds a Master in e-Business from Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. She has been working since 1998 in the intersection of personas, technology and businesses.

Currently she is UX Lead in HP, she is also Google Developer Expert in UX and Product. She is certified in Design Sprints and collaborates in mentorship programs for startups.


Silvia Sistaré

Silvia is a Telecommunication Engineer and holds a postgraduate degree in Agile Methodologies from La Salle University. She coordinates the master degree in Agile Methodologies in La Salle University and is an active collaborator in other University programs.

After three years managing projects using traditional approaches, she has spent five years as Agile Coach in Everis, boosting the adoption of Agile approaches in small and big corporations across several sectors.

Currently she is an Enterprise Agile Coach in AXA, where she has been working since 2015 nudging the agile transformation.


Carlos Piqueres

Experienced Program Manager with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry. Skilled in International Project Management, Agile change, Communication, and ITIL. Strong program and project management professional graduated from “Universidad Politécnica de Valencia”.


Modesto San Juan

CTO Aida – Domingo Alonso Group.

Web and application developer and architect with over 20 years of experience. Currently I’m focused in .Net projects using Microsoft.Net Framework. I’m also very interested in TDD, BDD, DDD, continuous integration, agilemethodologies and every development process, tool or technique that allow to build better software.


Karen Caramelo

Passionate about “lifelong learning”, she works in order to improve organisations through developing people and teams.  

Her experience has been in Non Formal Education and Lean Manufacturing in changing environments where Lean-Agile are the right fit to create safety and collaborative environments with the ultimate goal of generating long lasting value.

Karen act as a trainer, facilitator, and organisational change agent. She spends her spare time to develop leadership programs and personal development programs in NGOs, for students and young employees so they can make a contribution to nurture social impact and create a better world.



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