What is CAS?

CAS 2018 is a conference created by people who understand software development differently. A meeting point for professionals in the agile industry where to share knowledge and exchange experience around agile methodologies.

Is the best opportunity to learn from those who face your same day-to-day problems. In this edition, CAS 2018 will host over 600 people and will offer a unique opportunity to blend in the communityJoin us. See you at the CAS 2018!

Goals CAS 2018.



Promote and spread the use of agile methodologies in Spanish organisations, research centres and universities.


Create synergies among members by sharing knowledge and experience.


Provide a platform for project collaboration among all the participants: partners, attendees and sponsors.


Foster the research, development and innovation in agile methodologies.

Our sponsors.

Our collaborators.

How did CAS 2018 go?

Do you wanna know what happened at the CAS 2018? Find it out watching the video summary and get ready for the CAS 2019 on its 10th anniversary.

Latest news.

It's a pleasure to have @JuttaEckstein open @agilespain's #AgileInTheNewNormal on October 30th at 18hs.
Here's an advance on her Keynote, don't miss it!

We await you at https://t.co/TjjrWENNwU

Agilistas, es un placer contar con @JuttaEckstein, quien abrirá #AgileInTheNewNormal de @agilespain el 30 de Octubre a las 18hs.
Aquí un adelanto de su Keynote, no os lo perdáis!

Os esperamos a través de https://t.co/TjjrWENNwU

Agilistas, contaros que en #AgileInTheNewNormal de @agilespain contamos con la colaboración y apoyo de @Never2close_

Muchas gracias por ser parte de #AgileInTheNewNormal de @agilespain

Este año estaremos apoyando como patrocinadores Silver la @confagilespain "Agile in The New Normal", la edición online de la #CAS2020.

¡Conseguid ya vuestras entradas gratuitas para los días 29 y 30 de oct por la tarde en: https://t.co/eV9fuhl3Fg!

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